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Do you want to prepare for our upcoming WeberWorldCafé on Demographic Change? We put together a few links in English and German that might be of interest to you and anyone looking for information on demographic change.

We highly recommend the material provided by the Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung on demographic change. Various articles by different authors approach the topic of demographic change and its actors, give background information and examples of the impact of demographic change on society.

You have free access to the digital material in German here and in Englisch here

In 2013, Deutsche Welle reported on a study developed by the ergonomics department at Chemnitz University of Technology. In it, the researchers tried to get a better understanding of how an aging workforce may impact workplace structures and dynamics. Watch the video here.


The British newspaper The Guardian recently published an interesting article on how robots are used in caring for the elderly in Japan. This might be one way to cope with the ageing and shrinking of the population of Japan.

Read the full text here.

If you want to read more on Japan’s demographic and policy challenges, you might want to take a look on the visual aids provided by OECD Insights, one of the official publication media of the OECD. The platform provides an overview and a brief introduction to the development.

View all five charts and the accompanying article here.

If you read German, you might be already familiar with another aspect of demographic change. The severity of the challenges ahead have been at the heart of most German newspaper articles on the issue of demographic change in the last months. While the Handelsblatt highlighted the financial cost of an overaged population for the younger generations, the Schweriner Volkszeitung forcast a ‘Gerontocracy’, a political impalance to the disadvantage of young people.

Here you can find the article on the predicted loss of tax revenue (Handelsblatt) and the increasing power of the senior vote (SVZ), respectively.

And finally, the digital platform Demowanda (an acronym for Demografischer Wandel in der Arbeitswelt) gives you very broad information about the impact of demographic change on the work environment. There is a extensive glossary of the topic, you find all relevant numbers and statistics as well as different graphs illustrating the way in which demographics changes our way of working.

Find all this information here.

Max Weber Stiftung

The Max Weber Foundation promotes global research, focused on the areas of social sciences, cultural studies and the humanities. Our research is conducted at ten institutes in various countries across the globe with different and independent fields of focus. Through our globally operating institutes, we are able to contribute to the communication and networking between Germany and our host countries or regions. By promoting academic dialogue and merging academic and non-academic employees from several countries with different cultural backgrounds, the Max Weber Foundation is able to strengthen the internationalization of research.

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