Recommendation: How Germany was experimenting with jihad during WW1

What we do not learn about the First World War at school

Did you know about the German „Half Moon Camp“ in Zossen, near Berlin?

This camp was reserved primarly for Muslim war prisoners who had been fighting for Britain and France. The prisoners were treated relative well and allowed to practise their faith including the supply of spiritual texts, Ramandan and the erection of a mosque – the first mosque on German territory. The aim of Kaiser Wilhelm II and his adviser in this case, the German orientalist Max von Oppenheim, was to turn the war prisoners into jihadists loyal to Germany.

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Gesche Schifferdecker

Gesche Schifferdecker works as a press officer with a focus on online communication at the Max Weber Stiftung. She is editor of various scientific Blogs (e.g. and and organizes the "WeberWorldCafé".

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