Michelle Moyd: “They had fought for Germany all along the colonial period” (Video)

Dr. Michelle Moyd is an Associate Professor at Indiana University. She is a trained historian of eastern Africa. In her research, she explores the social and cultural history of soldiers in the colonial army of German East Africa, today’s Tanzania. At the WeberWorldCafé in Berlin, she hosted a table on Africa together with Dr. Joe Lunn of the University of Michigan. In the interview with Science Reporter Isabelle Daniel, she explains how World War I became a turning point for African societies and how people in then German East Africa gained information on the War.

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  1. 24/10/2014

    […] Urkatastrophe oder Katalysator? – by Isabelle Daniel (German) Interview by Isabelle Daniel with the curator of the temporary exhibition and tablehost Andreas Mix about the exhibition “1914-1918″ (German/English) Narrating the First World War and experiencing the World Café by Janine Noack (English) Interview by Isabelle Daniel with table host Michelle Moyd about the impact of WWI on African societ… […]

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